Photo Friday: Bee-utiful

I really like snapping photos of insects.  I have a hard time getting honeybees to stay still long enough to get a good shot.  This neighbor’s Bee Balm had the honeybees completely intoxicated, and at the same time, industrious to a fault. I took all the photos with my iPhone5. I love how the details of the flowers and even the hairs on the bees show up in these pictures.

bee-utiful - 3
With “Noir” filter

bee-utiful - 4 bee-utiful - 1

The bubble bees are so laid-back and gentle that I can easily pet them.  They love my Catmint in the front yard.  Here’s one from the same neighbors Echinacea.

bee-utiful - 2What’s in your lens this week?  I’d love to take a peek.  Please link-up below by clicking on the frog.