Gratitude Monday: Sisters

Today’s Gratitude List is short and so, so sweet:

Sisters:  I have five by birth and two by marriage.  Lucky me.  (Yes, I have brothers, too. I’m thankful for them, too.  Today I am talking sisters.)

  • Deanna, for your inspiring sense of style.  I have none, so I must beg and borrow from others.
  • Bonita, my first best friend.
  • Vickie, thanks for calling just to say thank you and then some.
  • Karen, your intelligence and creativity inspire me.
  • Julie, what a wonderful visit we had this weekend.
  • Marcia, next to littlest of the little kids.  You are to grace what Deanna is to fashion.
  • Cheryl, I love your sense of humor and your genuine hospitality.  You so often open your home to us, and only accused me of stealing a towel once.  (See what I mean about her sense of humor.)

I am truly blessed by all of you.  You gift me in ways too numerous to count.

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Mom in the middle of seven daughters.


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