Photo Friday: Night and Day

My water garden.

Don’t laugh at St. Francis.  He’s over 30 years old.  He’s a bit battered, but he’s traveled to all my homes.  Parting with him would be such sweet sorrow.

Please turn your volume up, so you can get the full impact of these videos.

I got the first one because I heard someone complaining about her neighbor’s lawnmower.  Yee-gads, she should get a chance to here this desperate toad screaming for a mate.  (Nothing to see because it’s pitch dark out there.)


Right after I stopped recording, the coyotes started up.  What a ruckus.  Mothers howling and babies yipping.

Now my neighbor is getting his roof fixed.  The compressor in the background does little to take away from the jungle sounds I love.


The hammering that followed made me run inside.

Have a happy weekend.  I may be listening to classical music through headphones.