Gratitude Monday: Sliding into the week

Some weekends just seem to slide into Monday.  Other Mondays, I’m planning what I want to do with my week on Sunday night.  I had a packed-full weekend.  Packed full of Movies.  Don’t you think hot weather is just the right time to see movies?  First I saw Ghostbusters. Oh my!  I loved it.  Even more I loved when I heard the men in the audience say it was better than the first.  That very evening I went to “Movie in the Park” with CeCe and her kids, CoCo, and Loved-One.  We saw The Good Dinosaur.  That movie left us wondering, “What was good about that dinosaur?” along with other questions about the theme and the intent.  Next Loved-One, CoCo and I watched Fundamentals of Caring on Netflix.  It’s a Sundance Film and oh, oh, so uplifting.  Yes, there are some F-words, but so worth overlooking those.

So, yes, I’m happy that I can watch movies in the heat of summer. (Or anytime, really.  [tweetthis]Perhaps movies are my sweet vice.[/tweetthis]) Here’s a few more things that bring me joy:

  • Camping trips with my family.
  • Camping gear put away.
  • An illustrator for my read-to-me book. Yay Niall Brady.  Here’s a peek.

Fable page 5 overburn reprint

  • Outsourcing ideas from Dina and my Clown Car Master Group, Now I’ve delegated the project of crowd-funding.
  • Grandchildren that stay to visit a while.
  • My Bitmoji passion spreading to my kids, grandkids, and a few of their friends.  image1
  • Yoga practice.  I’m back at it, after a summertime deprive.  Edging and weeding and mulching is just not enough to keep me as flexible and centered as I like.
  • Clayton Smith, author of Anomaly Flats visiting my book club in August. I’m so excited.
Photo courtesy of Clayton Smith and Emily Rose Studios
Photo courtesy of Clayton Smith and Emily Rose Studios

What’s on your gratitude list this week?  Please leave a comment, so I can be reminded of all the little worth celebrating.