I Hate to Shop, I Love a Bargain: Wilton Tent Sale

If you read Once a Little Girl, you know I L-O-V-E, love to camp and I love adventure.  Today, I had some adventure in a tent.  A brand new experience for me:  A tent sale.   I H-A-T-E, hate shopping.  If I could, I’d only shop with a catalog, the internet, and a glass of wine.  My daughter, Duckie, loves to shop.  And I love Duckie.  So today off , after breakfast, we head to the Wilton Tent Sale.  Great finds can be had there for the patient and persevering.  I’m one of those.

Did I mention Duckie loves to talk? She processes everything out-loud. The tent sale is a 60+ minutes away, so Duckie has lots of time to tell me everything that’s on her mind.  I get a chance to practice my listening skills.  Duckie works at the local grocery store as a courtesy clerk.  She’s one of those people; she bag groceries and loads them in customers’ cars.    Duckie has the low-down on everyone.  She loves people.

Wow!  So many people stuffed in one tent:  People going up and down the aisles in willy-nilly.  We are like Olympiads in our determination.  Duckie looks on one side of the aisle and I look on the other.

My focus weakens with so many cake decorating ideas.  Duckie finds some mini-loaf pans so she (me) can make serving size meatloaf for her and her hubster.  Yes, Duckie is married to a courtesy clerk that she met at Special Olympics.

Duckie tires of all the pans, spatulas, tools, and gadgets.  She heads to the craft section.  I never knew Wilton made so many things.  Everything is 50-75% off the list price.  I can feel my pupils dilate as I pick up a heart-shaped cake mold.  This will be great for pound cake with fresh strawberries; perfect for a certain grand-daughter’s summer birthday.  I hesitate.  The grand-kids have wild and crazy requests for cakes:  Luke Skywalker with a volcano and lava pit, giant Legos, a wedding cake, Tinkerbell, Thomas the train, a spider, a dinosaur, an armadillo,

Bible Man….the list goes on. 

I put the heart-shape mold into my cart.  My first impulse buy.

I load up on all the essentials then add one more impulse buy:  A border Punch Set and some Sugar Sheets.  This may stretch my artistic sensibilities.  The main thing I like about frosting, is it’s so forgiving.  Make a mistake?  Just smooth over and start again.  Yes.  I can conquer the sugar sheet.


Oh my.  We’ve been here two hours already.  Maybe I do like to shop.

I’m ready to check out.  The line is long and winding, and moving.  Hurrah!  Everyone is so cheerful.  I like this.


Where is Duckie?  She left her purse and cell-phone with me; she’s 4’10”.  I have next to no hope of spotting her in the crowd.  How will I ever find her?  Maybe she’ll see me winding through the check out line.  Maybe she’s waiting at the car.


No sign of Duckie.  Back into the tent I dive.


There she is.  Mulling over the scrap-booking stickers.  She’s loves art and she loves people.  Scrap-booking is a great hobby for her.  Every scrap-book gives her a chance to re-live her experience.


Sweet Tomato

Time for lunch at Sweet Tomato.  I love all those fresh salad fixing.  Yum-mee.  If you read Once a Little Girl, you already know I love vegetables, and here’s something else I love:  ice cream.  Besides a wonderful salad bar, Sweet Tomato has great chocolate brownies and ice cream.  Yum-mee times two.


Duckie talks to me all the way home:  what she saw and did, all the plans she has, all the people she knows.  My listening muscles are ka-put.  My mind needs a chance to wander.

We both got some great bargains.  I will go back next year.

You know what?  I had fun.  Okay, I didn’t L-O-V-E, love it.  Still, I had a ton of fun.

And I need a nap.



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