Real BFF’s: Judith Wright & Me (and a Book Giveaway)

Judith Wright An old friend from high school. We’re both a long way from the self-consciously confident students we once were, “Judy” and I still keep in touch.

Judy Sewell, a bookish student involved in publication, orchestra, marching band, and student council, says she was a plain chubby girl searching for something, unaware what she was missing and unable to identify her dreams.  The year Judy graduated from high school, at least one high school teacher, Bonita Ansbaugh, knew that Judy stood head and shoulders above her peers and recognized her for outstanding achievement in publication.  Perhaps this small vote of confidence helped Judy have the self-assurance to put effort into identifying and pursuing her dreams.  On September 20, 2008, Swartz Creek High School honored Judith Wright (Judy) with the Outstanding Alumni Award.

Judith Wright is a recognized and sought after personal coach and self-help expert. She appeared on over 50 television programs including 20/20, Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and Today.  Judith wrote two books designed to help people experience joy and fulfillment on their quest to achieve their dreams while remaining spiritually grounded:  The Soft Addiction Solution (2003) and The One Decision (2005.)

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Cover of The Soft Addiction Solution
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With her husband Bob, Judith co-founded The Wright Institute in Chicago. She calls Chicago her home, while recognizing her roots are in a small, hardworking community in Michigan.  She lives, loves, learns, and plays in Chicago and at her Wisconsin retreat center with Bob.  Judith is tickled that she received the Alumni Award. She considered it a sweet honor to be recognized for who she is now by the high school where she set forth on her life’s journey.

Judith is one of five daughters born to Dick and Gene Sewell.  She credits her  parents with creating an environment where curiosity and learning were part of play.  Dick grew up on a farm in Gaines. Rather than continue farming or join the autoworkers like so many of his peers, Dick became an entrepreneur, and opened his own butcher shop.  Gene presented a non-traditional role model for her daughter.  Unconventional for her generation, Gene worked outside the home.  Among other accomplishments, she formed one of the first all-women’s insurance organizations.  Although Judith’s parents were not as hands-on as her friends’ parents were, Judith acknowledges them for setting up thought-provoking activities such as theatre, a special breakfasts, and with creating a fun place to play and learn through experiences.

Always a good listener, Judith’s heart’s desire is to help people live great lives.  She teaches people to dream big and to work hard to achieve those dreams.  Too often, she feels, people settle for less than they can have.  Her advice to young people:  Surround yourself with a variety of role models; read a lot of biographies; get a sense of what’s possible; learn what you need to learn to accomplish your hearts desire.  Above all, have big dreams, and follow those dreams regardless of what people think.

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