Photo Friday: One Ugly Mother…


She hugged her unhatched babies to her breast like any refugee mother.  She ran, frantic and disoriented, trying to escape or get back home, or both.  Yes, I caused a spider diaspora while cleaning out my daylilies.

I have nothing against spiders.  It’s the weeds I abhor.

After snapping a few quick photos with my Sony Cyber-Shot, I picked the Ugly Mother up and placed her back in the daylilies.  I hope she re-establishes a home for her spider-family.Ritz Warranty

Thank you Coming East.  You inspired me to share some of my own photos.  A couple of years ago, like Coming East, I decided to upgrade to a super-duper camera with multiple lens.  My heart knew what it wanted; I was ready to go to the next level.  Loved-one tried hard to convince me of my wrong-headedness.  Turns out, the great people at Wolf Camera agree with Loved-one.  My Sony Cyber-Shot does everything I want, plus it has a GPS which I craved.


In case you’re wondering, no one is paying me to endorse Sony Cyber-shot, Wolf Camera, Daylilies, or spiders.


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