I’ll have a little STEM with my GlitterFlopS

glitterflops - 1

Thanks to my Texan friend and BAM roommate, Pam Lutrell, and the folks at WearUsOut, I got this pair of GlitterflopS.  Aren’t they gorgeous? Each pair gets hand assembled in Texas and includes real Swarovski Crystals.  You can’t see it here, but when I walk, I make my very own moving disco ball of colored lights, when the sun reflects off the crystals.  Fun! Is that saddle leather used for the straps? Indeed, yes.

That’s all wonderful. It’s great to be stylish, but the best part is the feel.  The footbeds are “high density” memory foam.  The moment I stepped into these sweet GlitterflopS, comfort nestled all around my feet.

So what exactly is high density memory foam?

Memory foam is polyurethane with additional chemicals developed by NASA in 1966 to make aircraft cushions safer. Memory foam’s matrix is denser than regular foam.  It’s pumped full of gas during manufacturing, which causes air filled cells within the foam. All memory foam responds to pressure and slowly recovers when the pressure relaxes. High-density memory foam also responds to body heat, quickly molding to the shape of  the body, in this case my feet sink into pillows of softness.

[tweetthis] I could walk in these GlitterFlopS all day.[/tweetthis]

Memory foam does have a tendency to trap body heat. Since my feet tend to get cold, especially in air-conditioning.  So a little foot-warming is a good thing for me.

I’m keeping my Eliza B’s for everyday use, and saving my GlitterFlopS for dressier occasions. I plan to add a pedicure, some polish, a little black dress and some jewels for an upcoming event.  I’ll dance all night at my nephew’s wedding in two weeks. If the light is just right, I’ll have my own personal disco ball.

If you’d like your own GlitterFlopS, hop on over to WearUsOut.  That’s where mine came from. If you’re interested in developing your own sense of style check out Pam at Over50Feeling40. She’s got a great story and a terrific sense of style.

By the way, GlitterFlopS promises to replace any crystals lost in the first six months.  Even after the six month warranty, GlitterFlopS can repair them.  That’s good customer service, plus better for the environment to repair, rather than, replace shoes.

[tweetthis]My GlitterFlopS came from WearUsOut, also in Texas.[/tweetthis]

WearUsOut has gorgeous and stylish clothes, jewelry, shoes, and accessories for women of all ages, even toddlers.  It might be just me, but I think WearUsOut gives a bit of Texas flavor to everything they offer. Wonderful! By the way, I also really appreciate the models WearUsOut uses: ordinary people, just like me.

English: Memory foam. The picture is taken by ...
English: Memory foam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh, and one more thing about high density memory foam:  according to my research, it should last for about four years.  Products that last  are better for the environment and so good for the pocketbook, too.

Have you got a pair of GlitterFlopS?  Do you want some?  Please include your thoughts in the comment section below.