Wrinkle Relief Experiment: Week 1

Last week I outlined my experiment for a new facial cream that promises younger skin.  I’m trying it on one hand, morning and night (and on my face, too.)  Each week, I’ll report here with a new picture.

I failed to outline in my original experiment one of my controls.  So in addition to taking the picture in the same place, with the same clothes, at the same time of day, I also daily apply hand cream to both hands.  That’s part of my daily routine.  If I stop that, I’ll be skewing the data.

[tweetthis]I asked Loved-One after day 1, if he thought one hand looked younger.[/tweetthis] He picked experimental hand (promising facial cream applied.) This propelled me to ask other people the same question.  Of about 12 people, only 2 picked the control hand (the one with no promising facial cream applied.)

Okay, so tell me which hand do you think looks younger?

Photo on 9-9-15 at 2.52 PMTo tell the truth, I don’t see any difference, but I’m interested in your opinion.

Week 1: Facial Cream Experiment
Week 1: Facial Cream Experiment

No difference here, either.  Okay, honestly, I think I look a little older in this picture.  Perhaps I should adjust the time I take the picture so the sun is in the same position. Still, I can say this, I am impressed with my Lipsense.  I put it on this morning at 6:30. I ate breakfast, lunch, and drank a lot of coffee.  Right before I took the picture, I ate an apple. I never even added additional sealer.

Please add your comments below, so I can collate the data.

See you next Wednesday with another update.