Inspired by Bill Clinton: Free Guitars

Have you ever had a moment when something someone said, that you ignored at the time, comes back to you like a gentle nudge?  It happens to me all the time.  Like when my sister Deanna scolded me for failing to remember that we were pretty lucky to have a mother that provided a good role model.  At the time, I volunteered with Aids-affected children.  Some of the children had addiction, too.  I complained to Deanna about the irresponsible mothers.  Deanna had been a public health nurse for years.  “Those mothers love their children, too,” she scolded.  “There doing the best they can, with what they have.”

In that moment, Deanna annoyed me with her superior attitude. She probably never realized that her words stuck with me.  I re-examined my attitude.  I looked at people differently.

A couple of weeks ago I met a gentleman dedicated to teaching guitar lessons for free. Scott Neumann got his inspiration from Bill Clinton’s book, Giving, How Each of Us Can Change the World.  [tweetthis]As Scott approached retirement, he considered his passion and how he could Change the World.[/tweetthis]

Scott began playing guitar when he was 8 years old. Even before he retired, kids began coming to him for lessons. One of his teachers, Ed Hall, taught Scott that sometimes it’s not about the music.  Scott’s love of music and his desire to help others gave birth to his non-profit,“Free Guitars for Future Stars.”

“I just wish I could thank Ed,” Scott told me.  “He passed away before I took the time to thank him.”

Free Guitars for Future Stars provides lessons for McHenry County children between the ages of 10 and 17 who are from lower-income families. The children commit enough time and practice to learn 18 notes before they go home with a new guitar of their own and a chance to take more lessons at a local music store at a reduced price.

Scott expanded his program to Veterans suffering from PTSD and children with behavioral issues.

Find out more Scott and “Free Guitars for Future Stars” by clicking  here.

I’m so blessed I have a job where I can meet people like Scott.  He inspires me. And he. taught me how even Little Act is of kindness can grow into a movement, changing the world.


Do you know someone who inspires you?  How about someone who challenges your way of thinking? I’d love to learn from feel free to leave a comment.