Kacey Bradley’s 30 days of self love

Last week, while looking for some great long-reads to post in my Buffer, I came across This Is Your 30-Day Self-Love Challenge: Become Your Own Best Friend And Hero by Kacey Bradley. Yes, I really do read the articles before I post them. And I do a little research to make sure the writer is legit.

I loved the idea of a 30 day self-love challenge. I decided to take her challenge.

When I moved to the Chicago area with four adolescent children (okay, one was on the verge, just one foot over the threshold,) I soon learned to be my own best friend. I mean, friends were coming to me for advice. I was calm, rationale, measured, and careful. So when my own problems surfaced, lacking new friends to turn to, I began to ask myself, what would I say to a friend with this problem. I’m amazed at how well this really works. Try it, if you don’t believe me.

But right away, I poked some holes in Kacey’s challenge. I don’t want to buy a journal. I love Evernotes. I don’t want to buy myself flowers, I’m living in a hotel this week. Besides, I’d rather buy perennials.

So I decided to take the challenge and adjust the challenge to what works for me. That’s what my best friend would tell me to do.

Day 1: Buy Yourself a Journal (I’m using Evernotes, with a category, “I’m My Hero”

This step helps to bring the whole challenge together, but it can also be a great way to love yourself. Go to Barnes and Noble or your local bookstore and browse their journals. Find one that really calls to you — hard or soft cover, leather bound or printed, whatever catches your eye. This will be your challenge journal. Write an entry every day about what you did to love yourself that day.

Oh my, I can see these challenges will be, ah well, challenging. For the next 30 days, I’ll be writing something in my Evernote journal that is just centered on me.

I’ll report back in a week on how that went, and how the next six challenges go. I’ll also let you know how I adapted them to make them mine.

I hope you take the challenge, too. I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you. Maybe we can be each other’s love connection.

I posted Kacey’s link in the first paragraph, but I’ll include it here. I’ll get back to you in a week to let you know how I did in the first seven days. (See, I told you I’m a good friend.)

This is me, hoping you’ll join me in 30 days of love.