Love yourself Challenge: Week One

The Challenge:  Thirty days of self-love 

Last Monday I introduced you to Kacey Bradley and her Become Your Own Best Friend And Hero.

I decided to take her challenge, modifying it where necessary.  I must admit that after 2 days I Tweeted 

I got a quick reply encouraging me to keep it up because it looks like I need a little self-love. I sent the challenge out to all of you, and a couple of personal challenges to people I know will have some fun with the challenge.

I promised to report back once a week.  Who want to hear all that self-love on a daily basis? Right?

Day 1: Buy Yourself a Journal

This step helps to bring the whole challenge together, but it can also be a great way to love yourself. Go to Barnes and Noble or your local bookstore and browse their journals. Find one that really calls to you — hard or soft cover, leather bound or printed, whatever catches your eye. This will be your challenge journal. Write an entry every day about what you did to love yourself that day.

I did not buy a journal because I love my Evernotes electronic journal.  I can organize into categories and find things with a breeze.  I can even add photos, clippings, receipts (no receipts for self-love.)

Today, I ate healthy meals.  Except for a cup of caramel corn!  I wore a colorful dress, that is super comfortable and at a cost I’m proud of.

Day 2: Buy Yourself Flowers

Everyone likes getting flowers, but you don’t need to wait until someone buys them for you. Flowers are beautiful, so buy yourself some! Pick your favorite blossoms and have the florist build you a dream bouquet. If flowers aren’t necessarily your thing, why not try making one of those trendy DIY herb gardens for your kitchen or windowsill?

I went to Menards and bought a pot of asters.  I love these purple flowers.  I already have some in th back yard, which probably need some attention.  These will be great by the mailbox.  Which, reminded me that I have 3 pots of mums that I got cheap-cheap from Jewel, and I haven’t planted them yet.  I stayed within my calorie count, but allowed myself a soft pretzel for dinner, just because.  I’m trying not to feel guilty.  I planned to do some weight exercises, but maybe I’ll give myself a pass.  Guilt.  I got bad news about my bother-in-law’s heart this evening.  I am feeling for my sister.  Kinda hard to think about myself when she is so worried.

Caveat: By today, my brother-in-law is home from the hospital.  Things are looking up.  I got my flowers planted and earned and closed all my exercise circles while I was at it.

Day 3: Go for a Walk

We don’t spend enough time in nature — most of us are always working indoors or behind our computers. Get outside and spend some time enjoying the wonders of nature. In addition to being relaxing, it’s also good for your mental health!

This didnt seem like something I’d like to do to love myself.  I’m already working hard to close all my “rings.” One for excercise, one for standing, one for moving.  I did that today.  So instead of this challenge, I practiced my flute for a half hour.  This is something that is very good for my soul.  I also called my sister, Julie.  It was for her, but turned out to be very good for me, too.

Day 4: Drop a Bad Habit

It takes just as long to get rid of a bad habit as it does to learn a good one, so why not start now? Pick one of your bad habits and make a commitment to get rid of it during your challenge. It doesn’t have to be a big habit, either. Choose a small one like biting your nails or picking at your cuticles that you can work toward eliminating during these 30 days.

I read this next challenge at the end of day 3.  Ugh!  What habit should I give up?  I don’t smoke, I don’t bite my nails, I already work hard not to lie or gossip.  Oh yeah, I do something that seems good, but is actually causing me a great deal of sadness.  So this morning’s prayer included “Free me from needless concerns and preoccupations that I may give you my undivided love and attention.”That clinched it.  I must limit my diet of news.  So I’m turning off my alerts and I’m just checking the news in the morning and one other time after noon.  Maybe that will be a dinner time, but definitely not right before bed.

I’ve been doing pretty good with this challenge, in fact today I didn’t watch the news at all.  Ahhh!

Day 5: Make a New Good Habit

Sometimes, the easiest way to eliminate a bad habit is to replace it with a good one. Now that you’ve decided on the bad habit you want to get rid of, it’s time to choose a good habit to replace it. For example, if your bad habit is drinking soda, replace it with drinking enough water every day, etc. Try to make your good and bad habits complement each other.

This one is going to take some thought.  Especially, since yesterday I began to feel a bit under the weather.  I don’t know if I ate something that doesn’t agree with me, or that perhaps that 1/2 hour on the elliptical instead of the treadmill (treadmill occupied) caused my abs to seize up.  At any rate, my stomach is queasy and my head decided to join the party.  Blecht.

Okay, I’m back home, in my own bed, waking up to familiar surroundings, updating my calendar, thinking about my brother-in-law who is in the hospital, and the good habit I want to cultivate pops into my head.  Birthday greetings.  Yes, I even bought a bunch of postcards, that I planned to use as birthday greetings.  I bought them way the heck back in May, and haven’t even opened the pack.  Okay brothers/sisters (8,) In-laws (14,) kids (4,) grandkids (12,) nieces/nephews (too numberous to count,) and Mom (1,) I’m ready to start sending.  Oh wait, I have to get the postcard stamps.  Then I’m ready.

Day 6: Disconnect

We’re always on our phones or our computers. Why not take a day to disconnect from all of your electronics? Shut off the phone, shut down the computer and turn off the TV. Find something else to occupy your time — you might be surprised at the results.

I did this on Day 6 for the most part.  No computer, no iPad.  I did keep my phone handy for phone calls and texts because that’s the way my family communicates. TV and radio I kept. Maybe I would have included those things.  I didn’t go back and check my challenge, because, you know, I was unplugged, and I didn’t remember the day’s challenge included those things.  (Just to be honest, I might not have included them, anyways. )

Day 7: Pick Up a New Book

When was the last time you just sat down and read something new that wasn’t for work or school? Pick up a new book and take some time to read it!

I’m already reading about five different books, so no, this is not a challenge I want to add.  But, I did pick up a book I’m in the middle of, LETTERS TO LORETTA FROM THE RADIO SHACK  by Laura Lynn Ashworth.  I met her a couple of years ago and began reading her book.  I decided to contact her and ask her if she’d like to be interviewed.  I love hearing about other authors’ experience writing and getting published.

So how did you do?  I can’t wait to hear here.  By the way, it is a bit of work. Work that feels good.