Lady Jabberwocky’s writing promp: Camp

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Do you like writing prompts? I do. Writing prompts give me a little reprieve from reality and lets my mind wander free. This week’s writing prompt comes from Lady Jabberwocky.

Write a poem or story with “Camp” as the setting.

“Did you say camp? Trae’s penciled eyebrows caterpillered under jet-black hair.

“Yeah. It suits you.” Jax studied his boots.

“I never thought of myself as outdoorsy.”

“Me neither.”

Trae shrugged, threading her pinky through her fish-net-stockinged knee. 

“Wanna go see Rocky’s Horror Show? It’s playing at the Bijou. Midnight.”

“Non-sequitur much?” 

Jax took his turn at confusion. 

“Yeah. It suits you.” Jax palmed circles in the air toward Trae.  “You know, Camp.”

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