Sharing: Eve Kouce’s “Book Diary”

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I don’t personally know Eve. Still, by her blog bi-line, “literary journey of an office career escapee,” I believe we could be dear friends. After my 40-day social media cleanse, I tentatively dipped back in and found Eve. What a delightful writer! And, she has some great advice. I’m not a newly-minted indie author. Still, I concur with all five of the things indie authors need to know. Indie is not free, and neither is your time.

Getting the book out there is just the beginning.

A year ago, I published “Neglected Merge”, book one in the Neglected Merge trilogy. I don’t feel like celebrating since I see it as the beginning of my journey, not a significant milestone. Only after a year, do I feel like I have gained some understanding of what I have to do to move forward as an independently published author.

I don’t have any recipes to share, so in no way the things I mention here would apply to every indie author who has gathered courage and determination to put their work into the world. My words are limited to my personal experience and knowledge I got from communicating with other indie authors, mainly on Twitter.

Read the rest of Eve’s post here:

Five things that newly-minted indie authors can get shocked about.

Eve doesn’t have a subscribe button, so if you want to follow her you can connect with any of her social media platforms or press the “follow” button on WordPress. I can hardly wait to read what she writes next. In the meantime, it’s back to writing my novel. Oh… and planning how to promote!