Monday Delights #29: notecards, little toys, hummingbirds

elephant cub kenya savanna Photo by Pixabay on

What delights you this week? Here’s a bit of “Kawaii.” I love this photo of an elephant mother with her calf. It reminds me of a calf imitating her mother by throwing dirt at a hyena. Just looking at cute things can help us feel more positive about each other. July is Social Wellness Month. So let’s do our part in connecting to others and recognizing our interrelatedness.

Something is in the air pushes me to focus on DELIGHT this year.

As a reminder of what delight can do for us, here’s a bit of inspiration from NPR.

CoCo and I have a calendar of “summer days.” So far this month, we’ve celebrated hot dog day, wine and cheese day, picnic day, selfie day, kissing day. I look forward to next month when we’ll celebrate girlfriends day, chocolate chip cookie day, book lovers day, middle child day, and a whole lot more.

Here’s a few things that delighted me this week:

Hummingbirds and coneflowers: The two things seem to go together. We live in a migratory path, and the hummingbirds pass through just as the coneflowers bloom. Somedays I spot them; blurry and busy. Here’s a photo I snapped a couple of years ago, before the coneflowers were their primary attaction.

Hummingbirds delight me.

Cat on a vase: This little discovery delighted me this morning.

How did this delightful cat get here?

When the grandkids were little, Love-One and I had some flexible “bowl buddies” designed to rest on cereal bowls. The “bowl buddies” hid somewhere in the house, waiting for a visit from the kids. Yesterday, three grown grandkids came to visit. A delight in itself. This morning, I found this little cat in a new place.

The more I look for things that delight me, the more I find delights. There’s so much in the world that makes me smile.

I hope you find delight this week.

I know it makes me feel better to jot down a few things to remind myself how much delight I have in my life.

The 61% of those eligible for vaccination in my state has barely moved. About 50% of Americans are vaccinated. Almost 100% of those hospitalized due to Covid-19 are unvaccinated. The epidemic is now about the unvaccinated.

See my latest post about the impact of Covid-19 on children: Covid Children: It’s no little thing

Click here to see how your state is doing.

If you were hesitant, I hope you find reasons to put your fear aside in favor of protecting yourself and others. Some people are too young, others are immune-compromised or have other medical issues. Let’s be neighborly and protect those that can’t get vaccinated.

I am surprised to learn that the county where I live has 83% of ICU beds occupied. In the past few weeks, we’ve gone from an infection rate of 0.8% to 1.37%. That’s not good

I really look forward to the day that I no longer feel the need to update readers on this subject!

I hope this week brings you delight upon delight.

What delighted you this week? Chances are you will delight me!