Mythbuster: the internet hates women.

It’s no secret I love NPR. I almost always love listen while I’m driving. Many times I’m surprised.  Have you ever listened to the Moth Radio Hour?  People telling their stories live.  Yikes!  That’s scary.

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The best stories are ones that leave me with a new way of looking at a problem.  This is a little long, for just listening, but really worth the time. I love the way Savage links his mother’s explanation about racial tension with his own struggle with his twin boys and internet porn. First aired on NPR in 2012.  Adam Savage is one of TV’s Mythbusters.

The 800 pound gorilla in the room, not what they saw, but what they’re gonna see.

The takeaway:

[tweetthis]The internet hates women.[/tweetthis]

Wondering who Adam Savage is?  Think Mythbusters.  As a friend of mine said, “The best job in the world, he gets to blow things up all day and get paid to do it.”

I want my sons and grandsons to think they are “One of the Good ones, too.”