NaBloPoMo: The Challenge Begins on a Personal Note

Another gauntlet picked up by The Black Tortoise: NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month)  Every work day of June I will be posting something here or on Once A Little Girl.  I will abstain from posting on Saturday and Sunday.  Those are my days of ReWoMeN (ReconnectWorshipMeditateNap.)

I plan short, to the point posts, which are a little low on pictures.  Part of the time I’ll be traveling with three sister and a mom.  Sorry in advance if some of my posts are just too darned personal.  On the other hand, some of you may like a little insight into the personal side of The Black Tortoise.

So, with that as a starter, here’s a bit about my upcoming trip.

For the past couple of years, Mom has been taking care of her younger sister, my Aunt Annie, who now prefers to be called Anne.  Mom is 85, Annie is 14 years younger; about the same distance as me and my youngest sibling, Johnny, a nickname that lasted about six weeks of his life, except in my writer’s mind, otherwise he is John.

Annie had a stroke.  Her husband forgot about the “for worse” part of his vows and took off for something better.  Mom lives, breathes, and teaches sibling love is a bond forever.  The best kind of love.  The love that carries our earliest history; our first memories of love’s negotiations; a love that remembers who were and what’s at our core.

Months ago Annie moved to Maryland to live with her daughter.  Now Mom’s daughters (four of the six of us) will take Mom to see Annie.  Mothers and daughters share the kind of love that makes me believe in the power and mystery of the atom:  Electrons, neutrons, protons, circling, repelling, attracting.  Constant motion that defines something distinct and unalterable…..Family.


Yes, I have brothers.  Three.  Yes, we will be visiting Mom’s brother, Ken, too.  Brothers and Fathers are another mystery altogether.  One I will write about some other time.  Some time after a week of ReWoMeN and plenty of time to listen to my brothers, cousins and uncles talk.

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