Photo Friday: Get Hopping

My water garden has a pretty strong eco-system.  Each year we get frogs and tadpoles.  Loved-One and the grand-kids (me too) feed the frogs worms until they are happy to climb into our hands and visit nose-to-nose.

This spring I got some shots of tadpoles on their way to frog-dom.  Look at those tiny legs!  I can’t help but think the little fellow is saying, “What are these new buds for?  I have such a strong tail.  I can swim like a fish.  Why in the world do I need these silly little legs?”

Your gonna need those legs soon enough, my friend.  Get hopping.

DSC04833DSC04834DSC00176DSCN6127 No frogs or tadpoles were harmed in this photo-essay.


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