NaPoWriMo Challenge #24: What a Deal

the prompt: think about words buried in words. In particular, think about the words buried in your own name. Plug your name into an anagram generator, like this one, and try writing a self-portrait poem using words that are generated. (Don’t worry if it takes a minute or two to generate the anagrams — you’d be surprised how many different ones a name will generate — mine generated 107,144 anagrams, and I didn’t even use my middle name)!

I used “Adela” and “Adela Marie.”  All other permutations of my name (Crandell, Brady, Durkee) are beyond my own. Besides, those names generated waaaay too many choices.

A Dare Email

I felt it in my Dream Ilea (another word for guts.)

I am anything but an Ailed Mare, I swear.

The old grey mare, ain’t what she used to be.

Still A Deal (I can debate and dance and direct.)

With the best of the rest.

Still bears A Lade. (another word for load.)

A little slower than I used to be;

I take A Lead over the mundane.

Carrying my Idea Ream in my fingertips.

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