NaPoWriMo Challenge #23: My Micro-flora, My Friends

Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge: let’s try writing triolets. A triolet is an eight-line poem. All the lines are in iambic tetramenter (for a total of eight syllables per line), and the first, fourth, and seventh lines are identical, as are the second and final lines. This means that the poem begins and ends with the same couplet. Beyond this, there is a tight rhyme scheme (helped along by the repetition of lines) — ABaAabAB.

My Micro-flora, My Friends

We are all unique! Believe the signs.

Each populated by Colonies.

Planted flags, Micro-Flora “Mine.”

We are all.  Unique, believe the signs.

We are what we eat—now let’s dine.

Stop! Hold on!  Be discerning, please.

We are all unique! Believe! The signs!

Each populated by Colonies.





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