NaPoWriMo Challenge #21: Earth Day

in the garden at dusk | one little bird singin...

Earth Day Challenge for NaPoWriMo: Write a poem in keeping with Earth Day.

Carbon Cycle

1970: In the beginning.

I was there.  Where were you?

Unborn?  Not even a Daddy Twinkle?

My rebellion for the Earth:

 Excesses left on check-out counters.

Lunch-time surprises, my reward.

Walk, Don’t Ride.

Act Now, before it’s too late.

Recycle, Re-use, Re-new.

It will be too late when you listen.

2013:  I am here.  Where are you?

Garden. Preserve. Think Local. Buy Electric.

Reduce my footprint and my mass.

While middle-aged war-machine

Sucks more carbon than

My imagination can imagine.

Recyle, Re-use, Re-new.

It’s almost too late. Why won’t your listen?

Dinosaurs thrived in greenhouse heat,

Before mankind was an Abba Twinkle.

Neither created, nor destroyed,

Carbon remains of T. Rex fuels

Mankind’s endless greed for oil.

Vanity circles back to beginning.

Recycle, Re-new, Re-use.

Too late.  No one listened.











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