No wonder people have trouble sorting through the facts. I wonder how many people have the stamina.

I think she looked at me, Bro
What are these twins discussing? I bet it’s not sunscreen.

Everyone seems to wear sunscreen these days. Next to everyone knows UVA and UVB rays contribute to skin cancer.  That’s especially important to fairer than fair people like me.  (Someone once told me I look like a ghost on the beach.)

Lots of cosmetics have sunscreen as part of the formula.  I know my BB Cream does. But what’s in that sunscreen, and what happens to it when it washes off when we go swimming? Where does all that sunscreen go? And what does it do to the environment?

If you read my other blog, Once A Little Girl, you know I hate weeds, but I like to garden.  I love flowers.  I even love wild flowers.  With that kind of love-hate relationship, things can get out of hand pretty easily.

With my love of nature, of course I recycle.  I got involved in “being green” back on the very first Earth Day.  Yes, eco-nuts predicted global warming way back in 1970.  I remember a passionate environmentalist exclaiming, no one will listen for another 30 years, and then it will be too late to reverse the effects of green-house gasses.   I tore soup can labels off at the check-out counter exclaiming:  “Save the environment.  End needless packaging.”

Most of us recycle these days.  It’s easy.  Just put newspapers, cans, bottles and plastic in the recycle bin.  My village makes it easy; we don’t even need to sort anything.  Still, I came across an idea that fits with my green thumb (and mind) and it saves me money.

I hired my grand-daughter, Emma to help me out.  She’s happy to work for free, still, it’s fun to reward a hard worker like Emma.  Sure, it’s not enough to stimulate the economy toward recovery, but I might help Emma buy her Adele songs from iTunes.  Besides, doesn’t every bit help.

I found a way to have weed free flowerbeds, and recycle my newspapers.  Best of all, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

Step 1:  Lay thick layers of newspaper over the area.