National Soup Month: Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Last week, I discovered January is National Soup Month.  So in honor of that, and because I’m reading two Chemistry of Cooking books, I decided to post my favorite soups and accompaniments.

A quick comfort food is Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup.

snowday 2

I used the canned condensed soup, but instead of adding water or milk, I add my home-canned tomato juice.  The juice gives it a fresher taste and a little zing.

I always use whole grain bread.  This week I learned that it’s not the number of grains that are important, but where the grains fall in the list of ingredients.  If a whole grain is not first, put it back on the shelf.  Also, if you the denser you can ball up the bread, the more refined flour it contains.  (Please, only do that at home.  NO putting balls of bread back on the shelf.)

snowday 3

I only use real cheese.  No processed cheese.  Why? Because processed cheese can be made with Grade B milk.  Grade B milk does not require the same sanitation standards and can have three times the bacteria level as Grade A milk.

I add sliced onions or tomatoes to my grilled cheese, or sometimes both. But, if I pair the sandwich with tomato soup, no tomatoes.  That’s just way too much acid for Loved-One’s stomach.  He has a little trouble with acid reflux.

snowday 4

Some orange smiles, and I have the perfect dinner for Love-One and me.



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