Photo Friday; Little Angels: What Goes Around, Comes Around

My daughter DeeDee made this angel for me when she was nine.

angels 2
Loved like the Velveteen Rabbit

Look close.  I still see flecks of gold paint, and a trumpet or scepter in her hand.  Her wings are gone.  Okay, so is her head, just leaving a little nub where the head was.  I don’t see those flaws unless I am looking with a critical eye.  She’s like the Velveteen Rabbit, loved into real.  I see what DeeDee made, almost 30 years ago. I remember putting the angel on top my grandfather clock, a perfect place for her.  She’s been there ever since, keeping watch.

This year, DeeDee and her own nine year-old Drama Diva, Miss K, made me a new angel.  (Sniff, sniff:  9 year-old Dee-Dee, 9 year-old daughter of DeeDee.)

angels 1
DeeDee helped Miss K make my new angel.
(DeeDee  made about 30 angels with a classroom full of Elf-on-the-Shelf crazed children this year.)

Beautiful.  I will love my new angel for at least next 30 years, right along-side my first little angel.

angels 3
My two little angels.
My Angels and the topsy-turvy snowmen that remind me of Loved-One and me.My grandpa made me the clock when I was nineteen.


Do you have some cherished hand-made items that light up your home? I love hearing stories of loved-to-real treasures.


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