Watching Ti-ime Slip Away

This might be the year for distraction.

I planned to write something about Downton Abby and what’s going on in the economy right now.

First I talked to Mom.  For an hour.  She makes me laugh.  We talked about hooking up/shacking up, and the changing face of society, and divorce, and Texas, and driving in a snowstorm.  We could have talked longer, but her arm hurt, and my ear got sore.

Wrestler #2 texted me to let me know his mother-in-law is back in the hospitol.  Oh no!

DeeDee texted me an urgent request to research re-occurring strep infections.

Plus, I must fit in some time to find a good copy-editor and incorporate some suggestions from my beta readers.

So, here’s some fun stuff I did yesterday.  It’s kind of sciencey… well, experimenty.

I blew some bubbles in the sub-zero weather and watched them freeze.

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That was fun.

A friend told me she threw some boiling water outside and it froze instantly.  So I gave that a try with some tea, so I could see the color.


Oh snap!  That’s no good.  Now I have a dirty sidewalk.  I hate messes.

That reminds me.  I forgot to meditate this morning.

Yup.  This is the year for distraction.

Maybe I’ll sit in front of a fire and read a book this afternoon.

By the way, if you know a good copy editor, please leave a comment.  Or tell me what’s going on in your neck of the woods today.  I kinda like going with the flow.  Oops!  Here comes Ducky’s hubby.  He needs help finding his watch.