Outfit of the Week: A new brooch

It’s been a while since I posted an outfit.  I got re-inspired by three of my favorite fashion bloggers acting as “Frump Busters” over at BLAB.  They’re doing at “First Friday” video coming this Friday, April 1, so hop over there on April Fools Day and see what they’re up to.

CeCe gave me this new brooch, which can also be a necklace, for my birthday. It’s nothing like I usually wear, so I admit, I felt a little iffy about it, which CeCe picked up on right away.  Inspired by my good friend Pam Lutrell, I decided to look at it through the eyes of an artist.  Isn’t it a lovely piece of abstract art?

new broach - 3
Pam self-portraits often have this “gazing at the stars” look. I’m smiling because I didn’t see any cobwebs up there on my plant-ledge.


new broach - 1
These grey wool pants are my favorite winter-time pants. The black knit top is from Goldwater Creek. I’ve had it for years. Washed in one of those laundry bags for delicates and hung to dry, it is almost like new.
new broach - 2
Ah, I just threw this one in so you can see where I live. My grandfather made my beautiful mahogany clock. Life really is good.

If you read my intro, Style from the Stylus you know that I’m far from a fashionista.  I need classic looks that I can keep and re-invigorate with new accessories.  I hate, hate, hate, shopping. That’s why [tweetthis] I have a few favorite places where the styles fit and the quality is worth the price.[/tweetthis]