Pause, breathe, and take stock: 2017-30

After the eclipse the clouds and rain rolled in. No traffic to fight. What a wonderful day.

This week I’m a day late with my effort to take a moment to pause and mention all the large and small things that bring me joy and perhaps a moment or two of celebration.  Not that I wasn’t thinking about it. I made a conscious choice to leave the keyboard in my satchel and enjoy the moments as they unfolded.  Perhaps you guessed where this science geek went during my usual Monday post.  That’s right.  I traveled about 7 hours south to observe the Totality of the solar eclipse.  Was it worth the trip?  A big resounding YES! Loved-One had his doubts.  Still, he agreed to go.  He loved it as much as I did.  [tweetthis]Holy Totality.[/tweetthis]

Here’s a few more things, in no particular order, that make me smile and sing praises:

  • My neighbor Doris’s cosmos and dahlias.  She planted them at the end of her drive, and they make me smile every time I drive by.  Such beautiful bursts of sunshine.
  • Book club tonight where A Ship of Pearl will be discussed.  Nervous and excited.
  • A travel companion that makes me laugh and next to nothing.
  • A brother and sister-in-law that share my willingness to wing-it.
  • Mom, Uncle Glenn, Uncle Gerald, Aunt Millie, Aunt Barbara. The last of that generation sharing their wisdom at the family reunion.
  • CoCo spending her vacation with my sister.
  • Two koi swimming in the water garden.
  • NPR app so I can listen to some of my favorite shows on the train.
  • Neighbor boys who are willing to edge my lawn for me.
  • Lily pads in bloom.
  • Noisy, cool nights and the windows open.

[tweetthis]What’s makes you stop and take note? [/tweetthis] You know your comments always remind me of more reasons to smile. Please share.