Pause, breathe, and take stock: 2017-31

Oh my, late to post again this week.  I had a list.  I did.  I began my list last Wednesday, noticing the wonderful and the miniscule things that bring me joy.  I thought I saved them; looked for them yesterday.  Now, I must start over from scratch.  Perhaps like my grocery lists, always left behind, the simple act of writing them down will help me remember what I wrote.

Here are a few things that bring me joy this week, in no particular order:

  • Cool evening, open windows, and night insects singing me to sleep.
  • Twenty-one years of marriage to Love-One; losing track of the time, and appreciating forever.
  • Koi nuzzling the surface of the water looking for food pellets.
  • The neighbor teaching his boys how to use the edger.
  • CoCo returning from her vacation at Grandma’s with plenty of stories to tell.
  • A book club event with so many complimentary comments about A Ship of Pearl that tears came to my eyes.
  • An honest critic of The Fable of Little Tzurie and a friend defending the story.
  • Audible books, so I can listen to authors as I commute.  I look forward to the 2 hour commute.
  • Wild Berry Pie from Fresh Market.  I can smell the deliciousness right through the box.

While I’m writing this, the people of Texas needle at my conscience. My friend, Kimberly, who works for the Salvation Army suggested we pray AND help in whatever way we can. Please do.