Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock:  2017-33

A cold caught me last weekend.  I’ve been battling with it ever since.  Today I feel the only thing left is the August allergy ailments. Since it’s past mid-September, and the August allergy ailments are just beginning, I count that as a good thing.  Perhaps that explains why my reasons to rejoice this week are unduly centered around my upper respiratory system.

Here are a few things that make me snort for joy this week.

[icon name=”leanpub” class=”” unprefixed_class=””].Saline solutions and a battery operated Netty Pot. I thought the Netty was some sort of torture.  Love-One swears by it.  I finally got on board.  Yes, indeed.  Netty makes me feel better. But I’m not giving up my Vicks.

[icon name=”leanpub” class=”” unprefixed_class=””].Birthday number 19 for Mr. B.  An early celebration and a bon voyage as he readies for his college departure. I’m gonna miss that guy.  As a final gesture, he came over and cut down a bunch of brush and trees with Loved-One.

[icon name=”leanpub” class=”” unprefixed_class=””].A neighbor that sends over a BBQ rib dinner complete with corn on the cob and baked potatoes.

“”].[icon name=”leanpub” class=”” unprefixed_class=””].The joys of studying Illinois history/government with four kids, paying of years later.  I won a beautiful potted plant on Sunday because I knew the state flower is the violet.  Being a non-native, I’ll bet dollars to donuts, without the benefit of school children’s drill that would be impossible.

[icon name=”leanpub” class=”” unprefixed_class=””].Major Petigrew’s Last Stand, by Helen Simonson and Audible Books.

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What a delightful book.  I admire this author as an example of wonderful description with an economy of words.  To be envied by anyone who write, reads, or observes human behavior.

[icon name=”leanpub” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]. Blooming asters and mums, and a beautiful volunteer sunflower in my back yard.

[icon name=”leanpub” class=”” unprefixed_class=””].  Steven King and IT.  The Book and then the movie.  And a wonderfully terrifying Pennywise by Bill Skarsgard.

[icon name=”leanpub” class=”” unprefixed_class=””].Shop vacs for sucking up an abundance of acorns.

[icon name=”leanpub” class=”” unprefixed_class=””].New pillows and several stain-removing products that make old pillows appear new.

[icon name=”leanpub” class=”” unprefixed_class=””].Partnering with Autumn’s Living Library for a double whammy of Book signing and raising money for young women. Find out more here.

[icon name=”leanpub” class=”” unprefixed_class=””].Naps and sleeping in and Simply Saline nighttime nasal mist.

Last but not least, this morning I was the recipient of a Random Act of Kindess.  A whimsy my family has practiced for years:  when you see a chance, do something kind.  The effects last a long time.  This morning, while waiting for the Greenline L, I decided to practice some of my iPhone photography lessons.  I heard a shout.  There was the conductor, letting me know my ride was ready.  What a wonderful feeling: cared for by someone who only knows me by sight.  I’m still smiling.

What’s brings you joy this week.  You know I love to “hear” from you.  So please leave a comment.