Photo Friday: 2 Insects and a Snake

I do love the critters.

We found Ms. Snake snug under a tarp on a cool summer day this week.

2 insects and a snake 1
I used a “contrast” brush in Aperture to make Ms. Snake stand out from her background.


Red Beetle skittered by under my foot, as if to say:

“I’m little, but just as interesting.”2 insects and a snake 2

Loved-One brought Mr. Preying Mantis in from the garden.

He knows how much I love looking at insects.

I just hope Mr. Mantis has a taste for mosquitoes.

If he does, I hope he has a very large family.

2 insects and a snake 3
I used the “toy camera” lens in “Aperture” to enhance this photo.


Do you like critters?  What are your favorites to photograph?  I think I like the insects the best.


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