What’s a Noun Blogger to Do? Top 10 Things I Learned at BlogHer13

Okay, I’m a Noun Blogger. Now what? I could go on and on. But I won’t. Instead:

My Top 10 take-homes from BlogHer13:

    Be brief.

I churn out 850 and 1500 without looking up. Most blog posts are about 300 words. My first exercise to this end: split this post into three. In my head, I planned this post as an essay. what i learned, my vision, and my game plan. I can tease my readers a little.

    If the writing is good, they still might not come.

I neet to network with other bloggers. Yes, I already have my favs: Chaotic Zen, Picture a Poem, Write in Color, Waiting for Story, Ramblings of a Misguided Blond, and several others. I met a bunch of great women from GenFab and already subscribe to two new blogs I found through this group. Can’t wait to find more friends. One new friend recommended Facebook ads as an ecconomial way of expanding readership. At lease some new friends might end up as People featured on my Noun blog. I do love to talk to interesting people.

    Hang out with Google+.

I have an account, but only three people in my circle. Guy Kawasaki put a but in my ear about Google: Google runs the web; Google+ will help improve my search standing. Besides, Google+ is a fun place to hang out and meet people interested in the same things I like.

    It’s all about the people.

I met lots of newbies about 50% of the attendees at BlogHer13 were new. I loved helping them get around, giving encouragement, and telling my story. No you don’t need thousands of readers to be recognized or paid. I still have a small following, and I have been featured on BlogHer.com, syndicated. I am evergreen on About.com, Publush.com, and other places. I met some experienced blogger that encouraged me to stretch. I won’t get there without help.

    Embrace Artisan publishing.

Guy Kawasaki ‘s book APE is on my must read list. That’s not going to stop me sending queries to publishers. At the same time, I can think of my writing in the same category as my favorite bread, or Love-One’s favorite beer: Aritsian.

    Visualize with Instagram

The web is so much more visual. I barely have a toe in the water with Instagram. I love the editing tools and filters. I love sharing photos with family, especially my 13 year-old grand-daughter. So it’s time to expand my Instagram reach. Organizing and publishing pictures is the most time consuming part of my blog-posts.

    Ask my readers

What they think; what they want; what they need. Ask them on my side-bar, and ask them three times “above the fold.”

    It takes a platform

Focus on the core of what my blog is: A Noun blog. People, Places, and Things are central. Get rid of the extras. (Not to fear: “Once a Little Girl” will continue to be my memoir blog. That said, some changes are brewing there, too.)

    Pitch my Product

I met a couple at BlogHer13, which seem like a good fit. And, I have some ideas about some local Places that will make great partners. I have the skinny on how to put together a pitch from my BlogHer13 notes.

    Identify My Fear

What would I do if I were not afraid? That’s the question Sheryl Sandberg, the author of LEAN IN, asks us to consider. My answer: Succeed.

This is a radish from my garden. I never thought a radish could get this big. It symbolizes how much growth can happen unseen, yet tended. (Besides, I’m at the hospital while Duckie has her last osteomyelitis surgery. More on that next week.)


Did you go to BlogHer13? I’d love to hear what your plans are. Even if you did not go, I appreciate tips for success. Will you share, please? One more thing: What are you most afraid of?