Photo Friday: Eating on the Road


After hours of viewing flat fields, corn turning brown and clouds of dust from bean combines, we stopped for dinner.

A family owned businesss, known for cooking locally grown produce, we expected down-home American cooking. What we got was the best food EVER. I mean it.



Could this be the place where Chicago chefs go to Chefs’ Camp? I just read about it in the Sunday paper. Chicago Tribune says Firefly Grill is “Worth the road trip?” Bon Appetit named Firefly Grill the 2nd Best Eco-Friendly Restaurant in the country.


Loved-One had pork shank and butternut squash soup. Duckie had a sausage pizza and grilled asparagras, I had spinach salad and fried green tomatoes. We all shared, which is why Loved-One, Duckie and I named it The Best Dinner Ever. And we just stumbled.