Photo Friday: First Annual

As I drove home from Thanksgiving Day shopping, I spied a sign, poked into the almost frozen ground.  A smallish, red and green sign, like the kind that proclaims a garage sale:

First Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

at the Village Hall

6:30 PM, Saturday

What tree?  I wondered to myself.

Duckie told me she saw village officials testing the lights.

Yup.  Now that I look a little closer, I DO see a baby Christmas Tree.

First ever 1
Our Village Hall: Christmas Tree front and center.

I rallied the troupes.

“Won’t it be fun to take a picture every year in front of the tree?  We can see how the tree grows, and how we change, too.  Everyone agreed.

Santa Came and lit the tree.

First ever 2

Some of the troupes made it.  Maybe next year we’ll have a full battalion.

First ever 3
I can still see the tree. I think. Yes. It’s back there.  But, where’s Duckie?




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