Photo Friday: OFOTD

Okay, this is a little way out of my comfort zone. A selfie.  My hair is still wet from the shower. I’m taking the selfie in the mirror.  I guess that’s why it came out sort of impressionistic.

CeCi got me this top and Nikki-Bikki tank underneath for my birthday.  Doesn’t it just invite spring to get going. (The Nikki-Bikki is kinda like a firmer, holding in my jiggles.) CeCi’s friend has the lovely Faith & Grace Boutique, where she bought this outfit.



Love these pretty little shoes from Hotter.  Hotter has the most comfy shoes ever.

By the way, yes, my legs are two different colors.  I applied CM Beauty’s Leg Magic.  Only old women wears pantyhose these days. Leg Magic stayed on all day and night.  Nothing rubbed off under my jeans or between the sheets.  Pretty impressive.

I tried some of the Leg Magic on my hand first.  Loved-One said he liked my grandma hands better in their natural state.  One of the many reasons I love this guy.

What’s in your lens this week?  Copy the code below and link-up.  I’d love to see what you’re wearing, too.