Gratitude Monday

Oh thank goodness for warmer weather.  After driving through the aftermath of snow in Kentucky, I am thankful for the great snow removal efforts we have here in Illinois.  We complain about cold and snow, and wish it got cleared and salted faster than it does, but our slow-down is nothing compared to Kentucky.  Anyways, the snow is almost gone there and here.  I know we have more cold weather on the way. Still, a respite is a blessing.

♥  New growth: Daffodils and crocuses are finally pushing through the soil.  Yay.

♥  Another history making event.  Image 1Pi day, minute and hour.  Every one hundred years we can experience 3.14.1592653.  Irrationally cool!

We celebrated with pie.


♥  A caring family:  As our newest member said, “You guys are more like cats than dogs. Me, I’m a lap dog.”  She went on to explain that we need physical affection some times, but other times we just want to be independent, do our own thing.  Good observations.  When we need affection, we know how to get it.  Everyone rallied like cats around CoCo give her the support she needs. Yes, she recently split with her husband.

♥  Cranberry sauce in steel-cut oatmeal.  Thanks to “Good Eats,” I learned how to make superb oatmeal. Thanks to Mom, I learned I can freeze cranberry sauce.  Thanks to a newspaper article  after Thanksgiving with tips on leftovers, I learned cranberry sauce is good in oatmeal.  Good?  Great!  Dessert for breakfast.

oatmeal with cranberries

♥  Miss S and Miss E.  They celebrated their birthdays this weekend.  I’m so blessed to have them in my life.

♥  Moo. The business card people.  I love the quality of my cards.  Plus, they’re not that expensive.

♥  Carebridge. A friend suffered a brain-bleed just after the new year.  She’s recovering.  Slowly.  Thanks to Cartridge, her family can update everyone, and we can send messages to her.  I met a woman at BAM who started her blog that way.  She blogs at My Left Breast.

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