STEM Tuesday #1

BAM and my new friend, Pam inspired me to write more about what rocks me:

Science, Technology, Engineering, Technology.

So Tuesday, that’s what I plan to do.Stem Girls 6

To start with, the need to get kids, particularly girls interested in STEM mystifies me. These topics attract me as much as chocolate calls out to me the drawer where I hid it.  I believe that’s always been true.

Once I asked Mom why she got me books about space and animals and the human body and other things about science and technology.  What made her think I’d like those things.

“You already did,” she said. She dismissed the notion that she or Dad or Grandpa, or anyone influenced me. “It’s who you are.”

Maybe that’s why this made me giggle:

It’s from Unworthy: Things That Matter, Pass ‘Em On. It matters; I’m passing it on.

Sometimes the truth is simpler than we want to think it is.