Photo Friday: Out of Africa?

Monday evening I had dinner with some of my cronies. I drove over to a congested suburb. I took the hour-long commute to the area where I worked before I started working for the most difficult, yet most understanding, boss ever. (Me.)

Two of my friends retired. The third, Linda, worries about being made redundant by an eminent take-over. (I love the polite British term for losing a job.) The four of us catch up.

Magnificence greets us at the door as we leave:


As beautiful as the sunsets in Africa. Looking out over the parking lot, I hardly know I’m in the city. A peace comes with such beauty.

There’s one more thing adding a bit more dramatic red  to the landscape.  See it almost at the left, bottom edge?  A police car.


I drive into this beauty, watching it go from golden pink to scarlet, to navy-blue, and  finally sink into blackness, as I trek back home.

(Photos taken with my iPhone5, no enhancements.)

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