Photo Friday: Red is the Color of my true love

Yesterday both Google and I got a little ahead of ourselves. We both published before we intended. Lucky me, I suffered no finacial loss. I’m just a little red in the face.

Yes, red is my favorite color.

My roses are still trying their best to add to the fall colors.


A lunchtime stroll is filled with glorious reds.


I am treated in my own back yard.



I love the way the rainy weather plays with the reds, and the brake-lights makes my commute seem all the more surreal.


Glorious up-close splendor.

I am reminded tht this beauty will be over soon, replaced by shades of greys and whites, as winter puts the earth to sleep. One last burst of color to tide me over until spring. One more week of my rainbow of fall colors. The blues are coming next. The color, not the mood. Although, I may be feeling a little blue. Cold weather does that to me.