Photo Friday: You want me to eat What?

For the past 10 years, Duckie has a Halloween Party for her nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters. You know what that means. Loved One and I are her ghoulish assistance.

Kitty-litter cake: spice cake, vanilla pudding, and tootsie rolls. (Someone always thinks it’s funny to let one of those tootsies dangle out of his mouth.) Serving this in a litter pan with a scoop, really takes the cake.
Ogre eyeballs: deviled eggs with a slice of olive and food coloring for the bloodshot eyes.
Witches’ fingers: almond butter cookies, with almonds and a tiny bit of blood (frosting) That’s the witch’s assistant with the cookies.

Severed fingers: a little catsup makes these hotdogs look frightening. (Provided by Pretty Britty.)

A Hello Kitty piñata full of candy, just in case the sugar buzz is a little low.

The annual burning of last year’s Christmas Tree.
It’s official. Summer is over. Let the Eating Season Begin.