Photo Friday: Wake up Mr. Sun. Wake up.

Most days now, Love-one and I start our morning walk in the dark.  This week, the sun greeted us as we turned homeward.

My friend Judith, and her husband Bob, invited us to her retreat center one summer.  We chanted in the morning to drum beats:  Wake up Mr. Sun.  Wake up.  Sorta silly, really.

Wake up Mr. Sun.  Wake up.  Love-one and I call out to the sun and chant.  Wake up Mr. Sun.  Wake up.

The sun has a nourishing effect on me.  Morning is a time of renewal. Anything is possible today.

Judith’s life work is nourishing people and renewing hope.  She taught me to recognize the abundance that is mine, rather than worry about scarcity.  My life is, indeed, full: of wonder and of love.

I promise to live in and acknowledge that abundance.


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