Roll Back the Stone, it’s almost Easter

Today is Good Friday.  Another season of Lent is finished and the celebration of the resurrection is about to begin.  This is the most important time of the year for my church, Resurrection Catholic Church.  Theodore Bogdan Janski, the founder of the Resurrectionists is considered an Apostle of Hope.  Here is the Resurrection Prayer:

O Risen Lord!
May our lives serve as signs
Of the transforming power of your love.
Use us as your instruments
for the renewal of society,
bringing your life and love to all.

Janski was a bit unorthodox and perhaps a bit of a rebel.  To learn more about him, click here.

The end of Lent and the coming of Easter is a nostalgic time for me.  It’s my second favorite time of the year.  Perhaps if I lived somewhere warm weather surrounded me all year, and the landscape was never brown and lifeless for three months or more, the hope and joy of spring would be less profound.

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I don’t have a real photo that inspired this story. So here’s a picture of the 1st grade me.