Sharing: Adventures of a New Old Fart

a vintage camera and typewriter on the table Photo by Anna Bokova on

I just love the name of Laura Lee Carter’s Blog. Remember those Old Farts? Now I am one!

I’m pretty sure I met Laura Lee at a blogger conference several years ago. Still, I can’t be certain. Nevertheless, we’ve been virtual friends for a long time. And I love the humor she brings to her writing.

Sometimes I like to compare our lifecycle to that of the butterfly. One of the reasons I enjoy this image is that it means that we were only pupa in high school and college, coming out of our pupa in midlife, and we’re now moving into our full butterfly stage, as free and beautiful as we will ever be! One thing is for sure, we are just about as authentic as we are ever going to be now. Read more…

A lot of people seem to be stuck thinking of themselves as in midlife. No matter that they’ve passed that life-expectancy halfway point decades ago.

Although I’m not much of a sports fan, I’m surrounded by fanatics. I began to consider that I’m approaching the fourth quarter of life. The game’s nearing its finish, what am I leaving to show for it.

How refreshing to think of myself as a mature butterfly, leaving the caterpillar behind. That’s a much more zen place to be.

From one Old Fart to another, thank you, Laura Lee Carter.