Screaming Banshee Fit

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This weekend is Mothers’ Day. It’s grey and miserable with the hope of sunshine around the corner. I finished my NaNoWriMo self-challenge, and now I must set to work on major edits of my novel.

I don’t want to do it.

I want to do something, pretty much anything else. Even ripping out at seam on the quilt I’m making for Mr. L seems more pleasurable than editing. So I searched around for a word prompt, just to get my writing muscles a little work-out.

I went Ragtag Daily Prompt for some inspiration. Thursday’s challenge is Banshee. I’d like to say the following is complete fiction, but that would be untrue.

Lois took a deep breath. She felt the Banshee moving just under her sternum, heating up her heart and pushing against her ribs. She could control it; it just took patience. She took another deep inhalation, counted to six, and held for another six. She lost control of her exhalation.

The Banshee screamed out of Lois in a tsunami of words that, flooded the room with emotion. Her brain told her to stop, but it was too late. Children whimpered; a man began to inexplicably clean; another held a coffee cup aloft from still-parted lips.

Lois’s brain told her this was nonsense and and would not help her cause. She saw one woman snigger behind covered lips. Another, mumbled an inaudible excuse and scurried off. Lois’s brain abandoned logic and shouted, “STOP.”

The Banshee had taken control and would not abate until it receded in exhaustion, leaving Lois to clean up the mess.

I hope you enjoyed that. I’m now inspired to work on my novel for two 5-minute stints.

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