My mind wanders just like Author Lynn Steigleder

Fountain pens: I love the feel. My new keyboard for the coffee shop writer that will soon be me. Lip stain from LipSense. I love this because it stays on all day. It really does. Honest.

So I decided to share Lynn’s post.

I too have thought about the old days of writing before the computer screen and cut, paste, spell/grammar check. I went even further back to Nathanial Hawthorne. How did he construct such intricate stories with a quill and a short supply of paper? Did he mull it over in his head for weeks before wasting ink? Or was he simply a story-telling genius?

Here’s Lynn’s essay.

As I sit in front of my computer screen, hashing out my next novel, occasionally my mind will wonder. One topic that seems to be my go-to (brought about by the ability to write on an electric screen) concerns the way people accomplished tasks not so many years ago, as opposed to today. I remember […]

Read Lynn’s essay here: As I Sit in Front of My Computer Screen, Hashing Out My Next Novel, Occasionally My Mind Will Wonder — Author Lynn Steigleder