Sharing: Diane’s got an empty nest, too

Several years ago, I wrote an essay about my own empty-nest experience. it’s syndicated on Midlife Boulevard, “My Nest is Empty, But Feathered.” That seems like ages ago. Well, it was 2016!

Now CoCo has an apartment of her own, and the youngest grandchild is eleven. Wait, I have four more bonus grandchildren, so the youngest is nine. Everyone seems to be going in different directions. And at a pace that is close to the speed of sound. Still, we are lucky to have everyone within driving distance.

Diane is a bit new to the empty nest. She sums it up so poignently in her post, “Really Empty.”

 I called out, “Anyone want to lick the bowl?” I stood there, spatula half-raised, and stared at my empty kitchen.

Diane Tolley, On the Border

I’m pretty sure Diane’s nest is as feathered as mine. Besides, Husby/Love-One are always eager to lick the bowl.

Please follow the links to On The Border. Diane is such a talented writer. And very prolific. She teaches young people how to write good stories, too.