Sharing: Confessions of an Introvert

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Today I’m sharing a post from a long-time friend I never met, Laurie Stone. We’re birds of a feather. Have you ever said to a friend, “Being with you is as comfortable as being alone,” or found dining alone in a top-notch restaurant a treat, rather than something to be pitied? If so, you have a soul mate with Laurie.

It wasn’t till reading the book, “Quiet” by Susan Cain I realized my strangeness had biological roots…This was the best news since hearing chocolate contained antioxidants. I’m still weird, but at least my weirdness has a name.

Read more about Laurie and her extroverted husband and sons At her blog, Laurie Stone Writes.

I love learning from Laurie that “extroverts get energy from each other.” Her writing is sure to make you smile.

Loved-One, CeCe, and CoCo are very extroverted. Wrestler #1 and Wrestler #2 are somewhere in between. I think I’ve learned the joys of being out there the more I learn to promote myself. Still, nothing recharges me more than an afternoon with myself.