Writing prompt: Lady Jabberwocky

girls wearing rabbit ears posing together Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels.com

Today I decided to stretch a little and join a writing prompt. I really like Lady Jabberwocky. Why not hop over there and make some new friends. This week’s writing prompt is to write a story or poem with ‘rabbit’ in it.

Beth might have met any of the girls much earlier than high school.  They might have been among the girls she met at the end of her first year of middle school. Beth had won the spelling bee at her school and moved on to the next round of competition, here with all these new girls.  They knew each other. Beth knew no one. They became a blur of leggings under bright tunics and giggles hushed behind palmed lips.  

“Bunny, Bunny, how’s your neighbor?” Chloe wiggled rabbit fingers above her head and tipped her ear toward one shoulder.

Beth picked at the sticker on her laptop as if a suitable response lay ready to be revealed.

“I don’t know, but I’ll go see,” Bella said, wiggling her own rabbit fingers at Chloe.  

Both girls laughed and turned to Beth, giggling.  

“Bunny, Bunny, how’s your neighbor?” wiggled Bella, tipping her head toward her shoulder.

“Hungry?” Beth’s eyes darted below raised eyebrows. “I know I am.”

Chloe and Bella bent giggling heads together, linking rabbit fingers.  Of course their eyes rolled. How could they not, with their heads tilted just so? As in middle school, Beth remained on the outside, unable to decode meaning, and therefore she was left with the only response she knew how to give. Truth.