STEM Poetry? An index poem for NaPoWriMo

Today’s feature poem really touched me.  It’s especially poignant in today’s world.  Here’s a link to “Loose Ends.”

Today’s prompt:

…write your own index poem. You could start with found language from an actual index, or you could invent an index

Good golly. That’s a challenge. The lines are from actual indexes from four of the books on my shelf.

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Anapestic tetrameter, And to think I saw it on Mulberry Street.
Are you my mother?
Beginner books, quality control standards
Because a little bug went ka-choo.

Role of orderliness and conformity
Russia, bureaucracy in
Russia, business women in
Stress reducing
Collaborative studies

Color standards, preparation
Fat Majonnier method
Most probably number
Psychotropic microorganisms.

Tai Chi, task identity
Teams blitz, effectiveness importance leadership self-managing space.
Technology for boring jobs, job security: threats trust travel turnover.
Ultimate home care of upper managers.

—say can you say
—the thinks you can think
—the places you'll go
To a butterfly with a fallen womb.

butterfly - 1