My sister and I were asked to kneel on Mom’s porch as part of a family photo. As […]


marengo sunset-ae2I hate navigating the landscape of health insurance.  Before I became self-employed, I weighed the pros and cons of the insurance programs my employer offered.  Loved-One and I are both healthy, so in all our years of working for The Man, we rarely met the deductable.  As a self-insured free-lance writer, I hemmed and hawed about purchasing health insurance.  Sure we’re healthy, but the what-ifs plagued me.

After much research and policy comparisons, we purchased high deductable insurance coverage from Aetna.  It costs more than $10,000 a year.  In anticipation of the Affordable Health Care Act, each policy every insurers offered covered routine testing and an annual physical.

I read the Affordable Health Care Law.  Ask me a question if you want.  I can find it and give you the answer, and quote page number.  I can tell you

Loved-One loves the Netti pot.  I recognize its value and use it in desperation.  Understand, I was physically and emotionally damaged in my childhood by nose-drops.  Not to mention lunchroom self-torture by laughing with a mouthful of chocolate milk that erupted out my nose.  More than once.

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