A “Simply Saline” Giveaway

Loved-One loves the Netti pot.  I recognize its value and use it in desperation.  Understand, I was physically and emotionally damaged in my childhood by nose-drops.  Not to mention lunchroom self-torture by laughing with a mouthful of chocolate milk that erupted out my nose.  More than once.

Photo on 2-11-13 at 4.42 PMThe idea of purposely running a stream of water up one nostril and down the other is abhorrent to me.  The idea of pumping my body full of drugs, all of which have side effects, appeals to me even less.

Then came BlogHer12, and I became a Netti pot convert.  It is soothing.  But it’s still hard for me.  My grandson laughs at me.  He and my daughter both swear by the Netti-pot.  Okay, I swear by it too, but I also swear at it.

Next BlogHer13 and a new friend, Emily, from Arm & Hammer.  She gave me some samples of their product, Simply Saline.  Simply Saline provides a fine mist of all natural, buffered solution up through one nostril, around the sinuses and out the other nostril.  It’s like walking through one of those misting stations on a hot day in Atlanta.  So refreshing.

Guess what?  Arm & Hammer has one for night-time, with eucalyptus.  Oh my, like a mist of the love-rub right before I climb into bed.  And a product for allergy relief.  Usually, from August’s ragweed to the first hard frost, I’m a snorting, sniffly, cranky mess.  This year, a mist of Simply Saline Allergy Relief in the morning, and some Nighttime relief before bed, and Loved-One hardly knew it was allergy season.

Emily gave me some pediatric samples, which I passed on to my oldest daughter.  The one with six kids, including a set of  twins.  They inherited my runny nose, so someone’s always got something over there:  allergies,Netti cold, low-pressure postnatal drip.  The oldest, 15, already chided me for my fear of all things Netti, so I asked my daughter to give the mist a shot up the noses of the little ones.

Even the little 3 year old, just laughed. Arm & Hammer 2

And the eight-year-old.  Well, just look.  She does it herself.  Her only complaint, “It’s a little salty in the back of my throat.”

Arm & Hammer 1

I told Emily how much my daughter and I liked Simply Saline, and she agreed to let me share the love with my friends.  Sooo…

Just add a comment below.  Tell me your best cold and flu relief measure.  I’ll enter you in a drawing for one of the three baby products, the Children’s Simply Saline, the nasal relief or the allergy relief.

Simply Saline nasal spray giveaway


If you want to learn about my “tortuous” childhood flu experiences, you can pop over to my other blog by clicking on the related article, below.

Oh and in case you’re wondering…. Yes, I do get a flu shot. Vaccinations are just common sense to me. But that’s a topic for another day.


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